Farm Government

The Farm CommunityThe Farm Community is currently home to approximately 200 residents spanning four generations.

In addition to members, the community is also host to a revolving number of interns, midwifery students, and other short-term visitors.

The Board of Directors
The principle governing body of The Farm Community is the Board of Directors. Representatives are elected through democratic process for three-year terms.The BOD manages the community’s finances and assets and oversees implementation of the annual budget.

The Membership Committee
The Membership Committee processes the applications for new members and also helps mediate internal disputes between members. Representatives are elected to two-year terms.

Volunteers serve on a number of additional committees that address the many different aspects of life in community. A few example:

The Land-Use Committee
Oversees the management of both forests and fields for the needs of people and to enhance the diversity of internal ecosystems. It also addresses issues such as the removal of invasive species.

The Finance Committee
Helps administer the communities development fund, making small loans to members for home improvements. The development fund is also used to cover costs for infrastructure in new neighborhoods. The Finance committee also reviews the finances a provisional member applications and makes recommendations to the Membership Committee.

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