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2014 Calendar
Winter Weekend Permaculture Design Course, Spiral Ridge - January 17-20
Permaculture Design Certificate Course, at Maya Mountain Research Farm, San Pedro Columbia, Belize, February 10-22
Winter Weekend Permaculture Design Course, Spiral Ridge - March 1-2
Winter Weekend Permaculture Design Course, Spiral Ridge - March 7-9
Midwife Assistant Workshop March 16-22  
Farm Experience Weekend March 21-23
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week March 30-April 5
Midwifery Workshop - Neonatal Resuscitation April 10-11
Farm Experience Weekend April 18-20
The Land - with Swan Conservation Trust
Discover Big Swan Headwaters Preserve
Hike, followed by dinner and music
Midwife Assistant Workshop April 13-19
Swan Trust Hike May 3
Waterfalls on the Natchez Trace
Midwife Herb Workshop May 22-24
The Communities Conference May 23-25
Advanced Midwife Workshop April 13-19
Common Sense and Tradition
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
April 27-May 3
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week
May 4-10
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
June 1-7
Organic Gardening Intensive June 4-8
A 5 day hands-on gardening plus garden tours on and off-The Farm to visit Shiitake operations, a bamboo nursery...more
Swan Trust Hike June 8
Davy Crockett State Park
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week June 8-14
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week July 30-6-12
Farm Experience Summer Retreat
July 23-27 or 25-27 (weekend only)
Fun for the entire family
. All of the Farm Experience workshops plus activities for kids. Swimming, hiking...more
Buffalo River Canoe Trip Aug 17
Swan Trust
Midwife Assistant Workshop Aug 3-9
Permaculture Design with Albert Bates
Aug. 1-15, in Chicago
Advanced Midwife Workshop Aug 24-30
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week
Aug 31 -Sept 6
Midwifery Workshop - Neonatal Resuscitation September 18-19
Farm Experience Weekend Sept 19-21
Our last Farm Experience till next year!
Swan Trust Hike Sept 21
Meriwether Lewis National Park
Midwifery Assistant Workshop Sept 21-27
Edible Forest Gardening Sept. 27-29
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week Sept 28-Oct 4
Swan Trust Hike Oct 11
Devils Backbone St Natural Area
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
Oct 26-Nov 1
Farm School Holiday Bazaar Dec. 6

This year The Farm Ecovillage Training Center will also be offering a permaculture design certificate for apprentices who attend for two consecutive months.

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Farm Community History - International Outreach
the farm 72

In 1974 The Farm founded Plenty International, a relief and development nonprofit that would enable the community to do outreach to those in need.

in 1976, a devastating earthquake struck the country of Guatemala, killing 25,000 people overnight.

A volunteer was sent down to determine if there were any way the community might provide assistance.

Solola Guatemala

Working with the local people, Farm construction crews built over 1200 houses as well as numerous schools and municipal buildings.
This building in Solola, Guatemala serves as a meeting place for Mayan elders and is a focal point for the weekly market.
Guatemala water
Plenty volunteers installed many public water systems, bringing clean drinking water to Mayan villages throughout the region.
The largest project served three villages and over 10,000 homes.
Guatemala Soy Dairy

To combat malnutrition, Plenty volunteers introduced soy foods to the indigenous people of Guatemala.

A soy dairy was constructed to produce soy milk, soy ice cream, and other soy products.

Today some 25 years later, the soy dairy continues as a village cottage industry, distributing its products to markets and restaurants in many parts of the country.


In 1980 Plenty discovered a portion of the Third World here in the US: the South Bronx. Plenty volunteers took over an abandoned building and established expanded a free ambulance service in an area that was not served by the city.

free ambulabce service in the Bronx Plenty trained local residents to become EMT's, who then found employment with the city emergency response teams. After 5 years, government ambulance service in the Bronx had significantly improved and Plenty's assistance was no longer needed.
plenty belize Today, Plenty International continues its work with projects both in the US and around the world.
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