Right Livelihood – Earning a Living

The Soy Dairy

The Soy Dairy

Right livelihood is a Buddhist teaching which says that your work should be seamless with your ideals, a concept embraced as part of The Farm’s general philosophy.

After the Changeover, many of the community’s internal services, such as Farm Soy, were converted into businesses to generate income for the residents.

Many small businesses were established to provide employment and as a way to support those remaining in the community.

The Farm Community
A spirit of entrepreneurship developed which identified the different types of businesses that could be successful in a very rural setting.

For example, our two most successful businesses market their products through national trade shows, returning to their home in rural Tennessee to fulfill orders.



SE International

SE International

Surprisingly, the community’s most successful business is an electronic manufacturing facility.

The business was started before the Changeover by the community’s amateur radio crew, using their electronic skills to develop a line of products.

SE International was formed as a corporation with managers of the company holding the majority of stock.


SE InternationalIt produces Geiger counters and other instruments which detect radioactivity.

These devices have become widely used in hospitals, laboratories, industry and civil defense.




BookpubcoThe first business that was established back in the 70’s was The Book Publishing Company.

Today this business is still owned by the community as a whole and employs many members.

It is recognized as one of the largest publishers of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, along with a number of titles on health-related topics.

The Book Publishing Company catalog also includes many titles by Native American authors.

Village Media

Village Media

Some businesses are service-oriented providing a variety of technical skills to satisfy the needs of the modern world.

Village Media Services produces videos for marketing and training, as well as documentaries and other types of multi-media. The facilities also include a digital audio recording studio.

Village Media also creates and hosts web sites and produces print materials for a variety of clients.


The Farm Yoga StudioThe Farm’s yoga studio is utilized by residents and people who live outside the community.

It provides an excellent example of right livelihood, a small business which contributes to the health and well-being those who use its services.

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