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2015 Calendar
Swan Conservation Trust Hike March 14
Discover Big Swan Headwaters Preserve
Farm Experience Weekend March 20-22
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week March -April
Farm Experience Weekend April 17-19
The Land -
with Swan Conservation Trust
Discover Big Swan Headwaters Preserve Day
Hike, followed by dinner and music
Discover Big Swan Headwaters Day April 18hike, followed by dinner and music
Midwife Assistant Workshop April 26-May 2
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week May
Birthworkers Retreat May 15-18
Midwife Herb Workshop May 21-23
The Communities Conference May 22-24
Advanced Midwife Workshop May 24-29
Common Sense and Tradition
Swan Conservation Trust Hike May 30
Big Swan Headwaters Preserve
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
June 1-7
Organic Gardening Intensive June 3-7
A 5 day hands-on gardening plus garden tours on and off-The Farm to visit Shiitake operations, a bamboo nursery...more
Swan Trust Hike June 13
Little Grinders Creek State Natural Area
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week
June 8-14
Advanced Midwife Workshop June 14-19
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week July
Farm Experience Summer Retreat
July 15-19
Fun for the entire family
. All of the Farm Experience workshops plus activities for kids. Swimming, hiking...more
Buffalo River Canoe Trip July 19
Swan Trust
Midwife Assistant Workshop August 2-8
Swan Trust Hike August 8
Devils Backbone State Natural Area
Midwife Assistant Workshop August 23-29
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week
Aug -Sept
Swan Trust Hike Sept 12
Auntney Hollow State Natural Area
Farm Experience Weekend Sept 18-20
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week Sept -Oct
Swan Trust Oct 10
Invasive species removal
Big Swan Headwaters Preserve
Farm Experience Weekend Oct 16-18
Our last Farm Experience till next year!
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
Swan Trust Hike Nov 14
Cheeks Bend on the Duck River
Midwifery Kinesiology Workshop Nov 6-7
Midwife Assistant Workshop Nov 8-14
Midwifery Workshop - Neonatal Resuscitation November 16-17
Farm School Holiday Bazaar Dec. 6
Holiday Bazaar Facebook Page
Visit The Farm School web site

This year The Farm Ecovillage Training Center will also be offering a permaculture design certificate for apprentices who attend for two consecutive months.

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The Farm Community Today - Housing
farm housing

Residents of The Farm today live in a many different styles of housing.
Most are single-family homes.

Because all land is held in common, all buildings attached to the land are owned by the Trust.

Individual members do not own a deed to their home, but retain equity based on their personal investment in the construction and maintenance expenses.

farm housing

Primary construction for many of the homes took place during the early communal period when each structure would house several families and a number of single people.

After the Changeover, individual members or couples assumed ownership of a home and began investing in the buildings as needed for maintenance and improvements.

farm housing

A few of the larger homes have been divided into duplexes.

A number of homes have rooms available for overnight guests.


farm housing

There have also been many new homes built after The Changeover.

Banks will not offer financing because they cannot repossess the home and sell it on the open market. The community does not provide financing because it does not wish to use the land as collateral with a bank and does not have the financial resources to construct a large number of homes.

This has made the financing of new home construction a significant challenge for the community and for new members.

house raising

Quite often new homes are built by the future owner to keep down labor costs.

Community members sometimes participate in house raising's during the initial framing phase of new home construction as another way to help keep housing affordable.

Several Farm members are building contractors or have construction skills and are hired by people within the community for new construction and remodeling.

The nearby Amish and Mennonite community also has people in the building trades who have worked in the community on various houses and other buildings.


Most houses within the community have utilized green construction and building principles, from recycled materials to energy efficient designs.

Farm Experience retreat weekends include tours to many green homes and commercial buildings.

Online Tour of Green Homes

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