Welcome to The Farm Community

Founded in 1971 on the principles on nonviolence and respect for the earth, The Farm has transformed itself from the largest hippie commune in the world to a modern-day ecovillage and a living example of sustainable living.

Stewards of the Land

The Farm is located on 1750 acres preserved in a trust in Southern Middle Tennessee. Over 4000 contiguous acres are owned by nonprofits such as Swan Conservation Trust, and a growing extended community of friends.

Living Together

The dynamics of living in community is both challenging and incredibly rewarding, providing each individual the opportunity to express their ideals, leveraged through shared vision and collective intention.

Right Livelihood and Service

A rich and colorful history, with a foundation that promoted work as an expression of love and service to others as a path to a life with meaning and fulfillment.

Living Green

Life on The Farm takes being "green" to the next level, merging the practical applications of permaculture with a lifestyle that is both human centered while striving to be in sync with the natural world.

Celebrating 45 Years of Life in Community!

treeThe Farm is an intentional community of families and friends living on three square miles in southern middle Tennessee.

We started The Farm in 1971 with the goal of establishing a strongly cohesive, outwardly-directed community. We want, by action and example, to have a positive effect on the world.

Over the last 40+ years, The Farm has become well known for many things, from natural childbirth and midwifery to healthy diet and vegetarian cuisine, creative arts and alternative technologies to its partnerships and assistance to native cultures.

We choose to live in community where we share our lives and fortunes, good times and hard times.

We feel that we can be stronger and more useful together than we could be separately.

There are many ways to interact with our community!

The Farm Midwives

The Farm Midwives

The Farm Community is perhaps best known for it commitment to natural childbirth. Women come from all around the world to utilize the services of The Farm Midwives and to receive training through workshops and classes.
Farm Experience Weekends

Farm Experience Weekends

Weekend Retreats and Conferences provide a dynamic way to gain insight into the many layers of community life and help empower achievement of your own life goals.
Kids To The Country

Kids To The Country

Offering inner-city kids a chance to explore nature, creativity, and learn conflict resolution skills away from urban strife.
The Ecovillage Training Center

The Ecovillage Training Center

Immersion Apprenticeships with hands-on experience leading to Permaculture Design Certificates
Subscribe to Farm Fresh

Subscribe to Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is an e-newsletter which provides insight into community life, gardening tips, reflections on spirituality, calendar updates and so much more.
Join Us on FaceBook!

Join Us on FaceBook!

Be part of the conversation at Friends of The Farm on Facebook, another great place to get updates about happenings, share interests, and participate in a daily conversation with like-minded folks.

Join us for the next Conference on Community and Sustainability, May 26-28!

community conference
Surviving The Trump Presidency!

Co-sponsored by the Fellowship of Intentional Communities (FIC), this weekend is an immersion in all things community and achieving a lifestyle in line with the values of sustainability. This is one of our most popular events that promises this year to be even greater!
Our ability to maintain a sense of joy in the midst of turmoil is because of our life together in community. Let's come together to develop strategies for continuing to work for change and the survival of our planet.


Farm Eperience

October 20-22, 2017, Farm Experience

The best overview of green living, providing the inspiration you need to fulfill your life goals and live your dreams.

Relax and enjoy a peaceful weekend surrounded by our 4000 acres of wooded hills and clear running streams.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit, would like to learn first hand about life in community, or have considered making The Farm your home, then this is the weekend for you.

A variety of planned activities gives you the best opportunity to meet us and find out what we are really about.

Register NOW!

Want to know more?

Two NEW books! At last the story is told! Out to Change the World and The Farm Then and Now

out to chage the world

The Farm’s colorful, hippie heyday is now but a distant memory. Even the great Changeover, the defining moment of The New Farm, is now decades in the past.

The Farm Community has not only survived, but remains as a model lifestyle for humanity, demonstrating that people can live together in a way that is ecological, peaceful, and viable. Follow the story of The Farm Community from San Francisco to Tennessee and the 40 years evolution into a modern day ecovillage. Order NOW!  

The Farm Then and Now

The Farm Then and Now digs deeper, presenting the story of a group that has defied the odds, blending idealism with a practical approach to intentional community and creating a model for sustainable living. Just as the Summer of Love opened their hearts and minds, The Farm continues as a school of change, demonstrating ways to operate collectively in terms of:

  • Community government, Resolving differences and disputes
  • Land stewardship and management
  • Health care, building and infrastructure
  • Cooperation, compassion and spiritual values.
Order NOW   ORDER BOTH AND SAVE! Douglas Stevenson blog's for Mother Earth News Magazine. To see all his blog posts about organic gardening, green housing and more, do a search using his name on the Mother Earth News web site.