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The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee: Founded in 1971

The Farm is an intentional community of families and friends living on three square miles in Southern Middle Tennessee, started with the goal of establishing a strongly cohesive, outwardly directed community with the desire, by action and example, to have a positive effect on the world.

Basic Beliefs and Agreements

We live in community and our reverence for life has always been central to our community ways. Within the Farm Community, people can live together and pursue a spiritual path that includes but is not limited to the following beliefs and agreements:

We believe that there are non-material planes of being or levels of consciousness that everyone can experience, the highest of these being the spiritual plane.

We believe that we are all one, that the material and spiritual are one, and the spirit is identical and one in all of creation.

We believe that marriage, childbirth and death are sacraments of our church.
We agree that child rearing and care of the elderly is a holy responsibility.

We believe that being truthful and compassionate is instrumental to living together in peace and as a community.
We agree to be honest and compassionate in our relationships with each other.

We believe in nonviolence and pacifism and are conscientiously opposed to war.
We agree to resolve any conflicts or disagreements in a nonviolent manner.
We agree to keep no weapons in the community.

We believe that vegetarianism is the most ecologically sound and humane lifestyle for the planet, but that what a person eats does not dictate their spirituality.
We agree that livestock, fish, or fowl will not be raised in the community for slaughter.

We believe that the abuse of any substance is counterproductive to achieving a high consciousness.
We agree to strive for a high level of consciousness in our daily lives.

We believe that the earth is sacred.
We agree to be respectful of the forests, fields, streams and wildlife that are under our care.

We agree that the community is a wildlife sanctuary with no hunting for sport or food.

We believe that humanity must change to survive.
We agree to participate in that change by accepting feedback about ourselves.

We believe that we, individually and collectively, create our own life experience.
We agree to accept personal responsibility for our actions.

We believe that inner peace is the foundation for world peace.

This statement was written by individuals serving on the Farm’s membership committee and based on statements found in “This Season’s People” and other Farm historical documents.

How to Visit

Our Welcome Center is open: * Monday-Friday 12 pm – 5 pm CST
* For overnight visits, please contact us.

To receive our complete visitor packet contact:
The Farm Welcome Center, 100 Farm Road, Summertown, TN 38483
931-964-3574   or visit our web site:

Events, Workshops & Training

The Farm is home to many different special events throughout the year. We invite you to visit with us exploring our sanctuary of peace, the forests and streams that surround us and the philosophies that have inspired our community since its inception. Here’s a look at just a few of our many events.

Farm Experience Weekends

Learn first hand about the joy of life in community.  Workshops / Tours / Hikes / Meals included    931-964-2590 

Midwifery Workshops

7 day intensive training sessions with the world famous Farm midwives.

The Ecovillage Training Center
Permaculture Design Courses, Hands-On Natural Building Projects. Alternative Technology Workshops    Telephone 931-964-4324

GreenLife Retreats

Green Home Tours, Sustainability Workshops, Family Retreats…more

The Farm School Holiday Bazaar

The 2nd Saturday after Thanksgiving. A Potpourri of crafts and great gift ideas.

To see our full calendar, visit

Group and Guided Tours by appointment  –  Speakers and Lecturers available

Farm School buildingNonprofits on The Farm

Ecovillage Training Center is part of the Global Ecovillage Network, the Ecovillage offers internships, conferences, and workshops on permaculture, construction based on natural materials, organic gardening, and other sustainable technologies.

Kids To The Country is a Plenty project that brings at-risk and urban kids to The Farm to enjoy nature, and to study peace education.   931-964-4391

PeaceRoots Alliance
links individuals and groups dedicated to peace efforts around the country and beyond with real projects and actions.

Plenty International
is an international aid and development NGO to benefit indigenous populations, children at risk and the environment. Projects in the U.S. and abroad.    931-964-4864

Swan Conservation Trust is a land trust dedicated to preserving and restoring native hardwood forests, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and water quality in our region. Established in 1992, Swan Trust has purchased forested tracts over the years and in 2004 established Big Swan Headwaters Preserve, with over 5 miles of clear running stream and 700 acres of mature hardwood forest. Please visit our web site calendar for scheduled hikes and outings. or call 931-964-4402

The Farm Midwifery Center – The Certified Professional Midwives of the Farm Midwifery Center have attended over 3,000 births since 1970. In addition to providing maternity care, we offer midwife assistant, advanced, and neonatal resuscitation classes and workshops throughout the year.
Ina May Gaskin is the author of Spiritual Midwifery, with over half a million copies in print. This and her other books, are available at major bookstores or from The Farm Welcome Center. 931-964-2293

The Farm Education & Conference Center (FECC) provides full conference facilities including a large central meeting space and separate breakout rooms. Overnight facilities and catered vegetarian meals available.931-964-4927

The Farm School provides a state certified alternative to “one-size-fits-all” education for local PK -12 students by helping each child reach their unique potential rather than conforming to standards. The Farm School also offers a statewide Satellite Campus Program for home learners.     931-964-2325

Farm Businesses

Avani Studios: dance instruction and yoga classes
Bloomfield Construction Company
The Book Publishing Company
The Farm Catalog
Farm Excavating
Farm Soy Company
The Farm Store
The Farm Store Coop
The Farm Welcome Center & Gift Shop
Lee Restoration and Painting
S.E. International
GreenLife Retreats
The Tempeh Lab
Veggie Deli
Village Media
The Farm Yoga Studio

Market Day Under the Dome is held the third Saturday April through October.

Source: The Farm pamphlet available at The Farm Welcome Center.

Farm pamphlet front PDF

Farm pamphlet inside PDF

Note: The Farm Flier is printed on 11″ x 17″ paper that folds down into an 8.5″ trifold brochure.
In the printing layout, 1/2 of the page is upside down. Use Acrobat Reader to rotate the page to view the whole document.


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