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I encourage anyone using articles to research or learn about The Farm to read several, in order to compare and identify discrepancies in information. In my over 20 years of working with the press, I find that all get some things wrong, but the general sense of who we are comes through.

Since the very beginning of the community, we have used the press and media as a megaphone to express the message of peace and sustainability to the wider world. Follow our history through the years!

Press Inquiries: 931-626-4035

2016 The Ledger, Tennessee The Farm Still Thrives after 45 Years
2016 The Ledger, Tennessee Farm Outreach, from midwifery to foreign aid
2016 The Ledger, Tennessee Back to The Farm – Former residents go home
2016 Tennessee Crossroads, Nashville PBS Kids To The Country
2016 Nashville Channel 2 Making Salsa/The 5th Annual Salsa Contest at The Farm
2016 CNN United Shades of America – Off the Grid
2016 World Religions Project Farm Historical Timeline
2016 Lawrence Co Advocate The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee: Founded in 1971
2015 Lawrence Co Advocate An Original Member of The Farm Shares Its Story
2015 The Plaid Zebra Peace, Drugs and Earthships
2015 Democrat Union Visiting The Farm
2015  Set Magazine Set Magazine Takes a trip to The Farm
2014 Guide to Lawrence County Stephen Gaskins’s vision, The Farm
2014 Mountain Xpress Author Douglas Stevenson at Malaprops Bookstore
2014 Offbeat Tennessee Summertown is home to Country’s Oldest Commune
2014 Press Democrat The Farm Band revisited
2014 San Francisco Weekly Stephen Gaskin and the Farm Band
2014 Associated Press Stephen Gaskin Obituary
2014 News Ch 5 Nashville Stephen Gaskin Obituary
2014 Lewis County Herald Stephen Gaskin Obituary
2014 New York Times Stephen Gaskin Obituary
2014 High Times Magazine Stephen Gaskin Obituary
2014 LA Times Stephen Gaskin Obituary
2014 Yes Magazine Stephen Gaskin Remembered
2014 Washington Post The Passing of Stephen Gaskin
2014 The Tennessean Stephen Gaskin Wake
2014 The Tennessean Stephen Gaskin Obituary
2014 Press Democrat The Farm Band revisited
2014 Offbeat Tennessee Summertown is home to Country’s Oldest Commune
2013 The Tennessean Sunday Inside
2013 The Tennessean Front Page Sunday
2013 Business Insider Tech Entrepreneur Born on The Farm
2012 College Dissertation
2012 CNN CNN’s American Journey
2012 CNN What’s it like to live on a (former) commune?
2012 CNN They found love on a hippy commune.
2012 ABC News Oldest Hippie Commune Going Strong!
2012 The Daily Mail Inside America’s Oldest Hippie Commune
2011 The Atlantic Peace, Love, and Social Security: Baby Boomers Retire to the Commune 2011
2010 News Channel 5, Nashville, TN Kids To the Country – Korean Children Visit The Farm
2009 TN History for Kids Life on The Farm
2009 The Guardian Beatnik Turned Birth Expert
2007 Wikipedia The Farm’s Wikipedia page
2007 Vanity Fair Sex, Drugs, and Soybeans
2007 Plenty Magazine A Trip Back to The Farm
2007 Memphis Flyer The Old Age of Aquarius
2006 Columbia Daily Herald Stephen Gaskin Turns 70
2004 LA Times The Greying of Aquarius
2004 Birmingham News The Farm Lifestyle
1995 High Times Out To Save The World – Life on The Farm 
 1991 USA Today  Still Havens for Security, Spirituality
 1991 USA Today  Part 2 Still Ideals, reality thrive on The Farm
 1991 USA Today   The Farm 20 years later
 1981 San Francisco Chronicle A Citadel of the Counterculture
1980 Mother Earth News A Good Look At The Farm
1979 Parents Magazine The Flower Children’s Children
1978 Mother Earth News Ina May Gaskin and Midwifery
1977 Mother Earth News Stephen Gaskin Interview
1977 Village Voice The Friendliest Place in America
1975 The Daily Statesmen, Columbia, KY A Spiritual Community In Pellyton, KY
1975 Scene Magazine, Louisville Times Truth and Soybeans
1975 The Farm The Farm Report
1974 The Farm Hey Beatnik!
1973 Associated Press – Washington Post Open Religion on The Farm includes Pot
1971 The Farm The Farm Report
Wikipedia Stephen Gaskin In Wikipedia
Wikipedia Ina May Gaskin in Wikipedia
Wikipedia Albert Bates in Wikipedia

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